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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Marie Corfield Money Bomb: Thursday, July 25!

When a teacher runs for office, those of us who work in schools need to support her:

On July 25th, please give what you can to support Marie Corfield For New Jersey Assembly by participating in her "Money Bomb."

Marie is a mother, a teacher, and an activist; electing her is the best way to save public education in  New Jersey.

Marie has a plan for property tax relief that helps the middle class. She'll promote real job growth, not the phony, low-paying jobs Chris Christie crows about. She'll protect the environment, and she'll fight to bring marriage equity to a state where the majority of citizens want it.

Teachers in New Jersey are always asking me: "What can we do to fight back?" Here's your answer: pledge to support Marie Corfield's "Money Bomb" on July 25th.

Go to Marie's Facebook page, and pledge to give support in any amount to her campaign when she drops her "Money Bomb" on July 25th. You'll get reminders to come back and make a donation on the big day.

If you'd rather just give right now go to Marie's donation page and give whatever you can. It won't take long, and you'll be standing up for our schools, our communities, and our kids.

Go get 'em, Marie!

ADDING: Just in from Marie's campaign:

corfieldmoneybombfacebook.jpgWe have some exciting news!

The grassroots enthusiasm for this race is off the charts and continues to build. We have already knocked on over 3000 doors and are talking to voters daily about sending Marie to Trenton to fight for women’s health care, create jobs and stabilize the growing property tax burden.

Now, we are looking to make a statement by launching a Money Bomb on Thursday July 25th, a grassroots fundraising effort compacted into one fun 24-hour day that engages all kinds of people giving at all levels. Money is fuel for a campaign, just like volunteers, ideas and hard work are.

On Money Bomb Thursday, you can participate from wherever you are - pool, beach, work or home - with nothing more than a smartphone or computer. You'll be joining supporters and some surprise guests, and we'll be all over social media as we watch the numbers climb. And it's going to be fun. Even if you can't contribute a lot, every little bit helps when we all work together. 
RSVP now to Pledge your support for the #CorfieldMoneyBomb on July 25th…
We are gaining strength every day and Marie’s grassroots supporters are making it happen. But over these next few days, it's more important than ever for you to join us and help make it happen too!
Only you can help us demonstrate that the momentum we have in this race is real and that we have the strength and resources to get our message out and win.
On Thursday July 25th, if we can produce a big number, our Money Bomb will send a strong message that Marie’s supporters are coming together to do something big.
The #CorfieldMoneyBomb is just 2 days away, you can RSVP and pledge your support now!
We need to show that our supporters are ready and willing to step up with the huge grassroots support it's going to take to win this race.
Thanks for your support,
Dan Siegel
Campaign Manager
Corfield For Assembly

1 comment:

Marie said...

Duke, thank you for your continued support! While the past 4 years have been horrendous in terms of policies that affect not only public education, but the middle class, minorities, women, children and seniors, it has brought out the best in those of us who fight back. We all cannot run for office, but we can blog, write letters, challenge our elected officials at public meetings, hold rallies, and perhaps most important: VOTE!

I have met many smart, passionate people who, until recently, would never dream of stepping forward to fight back in whatever way they can. We must all work together, pool our talents and abilities to keep the pressure on elected officials.

The real 'accountability' that's needed these days is not in the public schools, it's in Trenton.

To all who are reading this, thank you for your support as well!