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Saturday, June 1, 2013

EXCLUSIVE! First Look at NY Student Surveys for Teacher Evaluation!

Today, details of New York State's new teacher evaluation system were released:
The state also said New York City students in third through 12th grades should have a say in their teachers' ratings. Starting in the 2014-15 school year, student surveys will count for 5% of a teachers' grade in New York City, the state said. Only one other school district in New York state, Syracuse, is currently using student surveys. The UFT opposes them. [emphasis mine]
Sources at NYSED have leaked the trial runs of the new student surveys for New York City's third grade teachers (click to see the full image):

Here's another (background here):

And another:

I believe this next one refers to an incident with NY Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch:

One more:

OK, last one, I promise...

You know, why should I have all the fun? Here's a blank; get to it.

ADDING: Um, you know these are made up, right?


Unknown said...

I love this!!! It's epic. This should be on the Times Square 10-story electronic billboard. It's the perfect illustration of how Ed Reformers are trying to dupe the public into buying into their (only slightly) hidden agenda. Part of their sales pitch is that education should be managed like a corporation. I dare anyone to offer one, single example of a corporate employee who has ANY part of his/her career hinge on (or in any way impacted by) the opinion of an 8 year old.

PS. I also just love the directions. "Summative Evaluation??" I'd love to see this on Leno's "man in the street" bit asking the average passerby to define it. "Respond Accordingly???" To an 8 year old, "hinge" is what holds up a door. A third-grader's visual of what they're being told to do would be their teacher hanging on a door jam playing the accordion. What I wouldn't give to see their drawings of these directions. LOL!!!!

Charles Roche said...

The handwriting of these "leaked" comments doesn't set well
. It may be a third grader's sentiment but not their hand. I smell a rat.

Unknown said...

Just a technical note: the link to the article doesn't work without a WSJ.com subscription. :(


Anonymous said...

I daresay some teachers might sooner put their careers in the hands of their eight year-old students than those of their administrators.

ErinnTeachesToo said...

These tongue-in-cheek summative evaluations are hilarious!

I worked for a retail chain prior to becoming a teacher. Customer evaluations were factored into the decision of whether or not employees would get a bonus, and how much that would be.

I cannot believe the profession I entered 10 years ago is so disrespected today.

I blame loud politicians like my governor for the decline in respect.

ad77 said...

This may be New York and we may think this funny.

But beware Jersey Folk!

Commissioner Cerf loves to copy what New York does so perhaps this student evaluation system will coming to NJ Schools soon!