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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Latest "Chiefs For Change" Fail: Skandera in NM

Jeb! Bush's "Chiefs For Change" are a group of state-level education chiefs that few educators, administrators, parents or public officials seem to like or trust. The reaction to their autocratic, reformy ways is a pretty good barometer of how the corporate reform movement is being received.

Thus, a new series here at the Jazzman: "Chiefs For Change" Fail. Let's begin with Hanna Skandera out in New Mexico:
DPNM Chair Sam Bregman called for Secretary-Designate Skandera to tender her resignation immediately, as unqualified, un-confirmable and for her unprecedented attempt to ignore the New Mexico State Senate and confirm herself as Secretary of the New Mexico Public Education Department.
“Governor Martinez has nominated a polarizing, partisan consultant as Public Education Secretary.  Ms. Skandera is unqualified, cannot get confirmed after three legislative sessions and has set herself above the law, ignoring the authority of the New Mexico State Legislature. She has bestowed the title ‘Secretary of Education’ upon herself because she dislikes the process.  This display of arrogance is a flagrant abuse of power and indicates the disdain Ms. Skandera and Governor Martinez have for the legislature and the laws of New Mexico.  Ms. Skandera should resign now,” stated Chairman Bregman.
Currently, the two nominees for state cabinet departments, David Martin, Energy and Minerals and Ryan Flynn, Department of the Environment, are following state law and using secretary-designate for their job titles. [emphasis mine]
But they don't have Jeb! backing them! After all, he's a Bush! And laws are for little people...

I always told the boys: "Don't waste your beautiful mind with pesky details like the law!"

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