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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Newark Says "Enough!"


The Newark Schools Advisory Commission this evening issued a unanimous no-confidence vote in the leadership of Schools Superintendent Cami Anderson.
The vote was 9-0.
The board earlier this month rejected the budget Anderson submitted, and tonight reiterated its assessment that Anderson has not fostered a relationship with board members.
The board again complained about what it cited as Anderson's lack of transparency regarding her proposed budget cuts.
Under Anderson - the state-appointed superintendent - Newark's scores on its review by the state have gone backwards! The district, according to the state itself, is getting worse under Anderson! The question isn't why the advisory board voted "no confidence"; the question is why the state didn't!

I must confess, I love the idea of NJDOE Commissioner Chris Cerf trying to thread the needle here: in the next review, he's got to show Newark's made progress under Anderson - but not too much progress, or the district will revert back to local control. It will be a neat trick if he can pull it off, but I have every confidence in Cerf's ability to twist the numbers his way.

And if he can't... well, old Uncle Eli will have plenty of other Broadies standing by...

Hi, Eli. Listen, can you send me a few resumes? There may be a job opening up...


phila.ken said...

Yes! The worm has begun to turn!

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Tom Forbes said...

Cami is not very good at her job and on top of that, has a sandpaper personality. It does not work in education.