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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bad Mood

Yeah, I'll admit I'm in one. Some minor elective surgery guys my age get is making me cranky. Sorry.


Lisa said...

Of course. It's the minor surgery. The fact that people who make lots of money managing a money-making business that produces a tangible, measureable, predictable, inanimate, product over which they have complete control--like computers and magazines--are telling you that they know more and better than you about your life's work, which is the art of improving the thinking--an unseen, intangible process no one can fully explain--of complex, sentient, autonomous beings, over which you have minimal control during the 11% of a year you're in their presence (assuming 5 1/2 hours of 182 days)--not having any control over, or even anything to do with the remaining 89% of their year--couldn't be what's making you cranky. Nah.

There aren't enough painkillers to remedy the cause of your crankiness (or mine). Advil and Vicodin can't alleviate hubris and absurdity. If only they could.

Hope you're feeling better soon, even if still cranky. :)

Duke said...

Hee, hee - you made my day. Thanks for the post.

czarejs said...

Don't look at the front page of the Ledger.....it's enough to make you sick without the surgery.