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Monday, July 5, 2010

Crazy Uncle Paul: "You're all LIBERALS!"

Crazy Uncle Paul over at the Star-Ledger has been playing a game for some time now that cranky libertarians love: call a conservative who doesn't adhere to your "pure" Randian views a "liberal."

In this post, he actually calls the rabid Christie cheerleader who runs the Save Jersey blog a "liberal." I guess because the guy who runs the blog hates Steve Lonegan almost as much as he hates Sheila Oliver.

For your enjoyment, some "liberal" commentary from this "leftist":
Trenton Democrats, acting as classless as ever, "no-showed" Friday's installment of the special property tax legislative session convened by Governor Christie, Save Jerseyans. God forbid they take the affordability crisisthat they created a little more seriously! 

The GOP Senators in attendance were none too pleased. And justifiably so!
Governor Christie's speech didn't even last 15 minutes but it was a masterstroke, Save Jerseyans! 
He announced a willingness to compromise: the Governor would sign a 2.5 statutory cap with far fewer exceptions (no exclusion for pension, benefits, etc). Said the only thing he won't accept is "inaction." The Legislature will now be hard pressed to avoid doing anything. The onus is on the Democrats to act.

This Governor gets it! You can't walk away with a winning compromise by going in with a compromised position. I listened to Joe Cryan's post-speech interview and, if you can believe it, the nastiest of Trenton's Democrat partisans had to scrounge for something nasty to say! Beautiful.
How about:
Sadly, folks, this legislation is just another mini version of the auto industry bailouts. The pattern in unmistakable, Save Jerseyans. Yet again, the feds are stepping in to prop up a system that's failing (public education) because, quite frankly, it doesn't work. Rather then force the corrupted industry to make cost-saving reforms towards improving its marketable product (an educated child), Congress is predictably heeding the distress call of their largest contributor group -- unions -- and running to the rescue armed with the taxpayers' cash. The American people lose, the governors like Chris Christie who are fighting for reform lose but, as always, the union boss fat cats walk away in better shape than ever before.
It's a beautiful morning, folks. I'm happy to report to you that the state budget was adopted without a government shutdown last night, Governor Chris Christie claimed yet another major albeit improbablepolitical victory, the state moves a little bit closer to sound financial footing, and a defeated, dejected and bleary-eyed Democrat caucus heads off to summer school.

Yes, Save Jerseyans. Summer school.

God knows these Democrats needs some tutelage! They can't even sandbag a Republican chief executive like they used to. I certainly spent plenty of time in 2009 detailing for you how Trenton Democrats deliberately booby-trapped this budget with reckless borrowing schemes, quick fix gimmicks, irresponsibly high taxes and runaway public spending. The often underestimated Chris Christie wasn't supposed to find a way to close the $11 billion budget hole these clowns opened without raising taxes and, in the process, breaking a core campaign promise. 

Gee, are you sure these quotes didn't come from Daily Kos? 

Mulshine has been at this game for a while; he loves to say that "liberals" supported the Iraqi War. I've called him on it in email exchanges, where he goes off on tangents having to do with Dewey vs. Taft and the Spanish Civil War. Which doesn't do much to explain why none of the Tea Partiers were out with the millions of DFHs marching in 2003 trying to stop the madness, or explain why only one Repub senator (Linc Chaffee, hardly a Ron Paul acolyte) voted against the war resolution while 34 Dems - the closest thing to "liberals" we have - voted no.

But I will give Mulshine credit: he understands that Christie is going down a road doomed to failure. Mulshine gets that Christie isn't a tax cutter in the slightest; he's really just another Republican kleptocrat.

Fine. You don't want to call him a "true" conservative, that's OK with me. I don't care - that's your battle, Uncle Paul, not mine.

But do not presume to define what a liberal is by lumping us in with the likes of Christie and Save Jersey. They have nothing to do with us.

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