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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Annoying Facts!

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities presents another dose of reality for the Christie Administration to suck on:
In reality, however, a property tax cap in New Jersey is likely to end up reducing essential educational programs and services — as well as other public services, as it has in Massachusetts — and by itself would do nothing to create significant efficiencies.
Gee, ya think? And bonus facts to ruin your favorite newspaper on-line poster's day:
New Jersey does have one of the nation’s highest property taxes as a percent of residents’ personal income, ranking 3rd highest in 2006-2007 (the latest Census Bureau data available). This reflects New Jersey’s choice to rely almost exclusively on property taxes to support local services. If one considers total revenues local governments collect to support services (excluding state or federal aid), New Jersey ranks 24th among the states.
Local government revenue tells only part of the story. If one looks at total state and local revenue from their own sources as a percent of residents’ personal income, New Jersey ranks 31st in the country — i.e., in the lower half of states.
But, but, but... teachers get paid in gold when they use their extreme prescription plans to buy medical marijuana when they retire at 25! Or something...

I'm skeptical about some of this report - district consolidation may be helpful, but it's not going to save the state. Still, some much needed sanity in here, which is sure to be promptly ignored.

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